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DSN5 – Dark Street No. 5

i-m-Tube – ACM MM ’10

Silver Award – 3th Digital Art Festival Taipei – KT

Signing in Cafe

MOCA Taipei : Fiction.Love

Project “Where”

雨生 11 – a memorial photography exhibition

Co-Founder of OpenHCI Workshop

Co-Founder of TechMeetup Taiwan

Just Hearing the Sound of X

PhD Thesis: i-m-Space – ACM MM ’10

Judge for TV Show (TTV)

Selected Award – 5th Digital Art Festival Taipei – KT

Mo! Art Relax – Mobile Art Exhibition Project

Graduate Speech

Mug-Forest – ACM UbiComp ’09

▸ About me

Dr. Ju-Chun Ko, receiving his Ph.D in Computer Science from National Taiwan University, Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, Image and Vision Lab, in Jan 2012. Prior to that, he received Bachelor of Art in 2004, and Master of Informatics in 2006, in major of Digital Media Design. [Read More...]

Mug-Tree – UbiComp ’07

Tripbox: an Ongoing Project for Evernote DevCup 2013

Public Issues on Projected User Interface – ACM CHI ’10

imMatch: HTML5 based Stitching Surfaces.

Special Skill: Keynote as App Prototyping tool

Event Host of Facebook HACK Meetup Taiwan @ NTU

Beyond the surface – SIGGRAPH ’10, UIST ’10, Engadget & New Scientist

Linkwish – Top#7 in Social Category in Taiwan App Store