Ju-Chun, Ko., a Cross-Pollinator born in Taipei, Taiwan. Receiving his Ph.D in Computer Science from National Taiwan University, Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia, Image and Vision Lab, in Jan 2012. Prior to that, he received Bachelor of Art in 2004, and Master of Informatics in 2006, in major of Digital Media Design. With such interdisciplinary background, which makes him not only become a HCI, interaction design researcher, but also a blogger, artist, and entrepreneur. He was the co-founding CEO of an app company Linkwish, Inc, which was one of the earliest social app company in Taiwan. He also founded, co-founded and organized several important developer workshops and meetups in Taiwan, from HCI research to Facebook Development. Being active in various fields and startup communities, earns him some interesting opportunities, such as meeting President Ma, the President of Taiwan(R.O.C) in the Presidential Office, or being judge on a TV Show, etc. Now he is doing PostDoc research in Keio University (Japan) with NSC Taiwan Scholarship. He is always well-prepared to go abroad for any challenges like job or academic position all over the world, which is related to his lifetime goal – to bring more openness and connectedness to Taiwan, China and APAC area, through developers, designers, entrepreneurs with progressing technology. [See my Profile]