Category Award – Nintendo 3DS Photo Contest

Posted on 2012 年 03 月 29 日 in Award, Photography — Share this via

「STEAK ATTACK!」3D photo, taking by Nintendo 3DS in steak house, awarded by Nintendo and had been selected as Category Award for “第一回テーマ『3Dにしたらおもしろくなりました』” in Japan. 

Nintendo Japan 3DS Photo Contest / Category Award (JP)

Nintendo 3D Photo Contest was known for the first public 3D photo contest in Japan. The prize is a giant Mario statue shipping from Japan by Nintendo company with a congratulation letter.


HNI_0052.MPO - XstereO Player

You can Cross-eyed to see 3D stereo effect, if you want.

[How to see 3D Stereo photo through Cross-eyed.]