2009 Academic, Interactive, Publication

This study of mobile persuasion system explores the use of a mobile phone, when attached to an everyday object used by an everyday behavior, becomes a tool to sense and influence that behavior.

ACM UbiComp ’09: the 11th international conference on Ubiquitous computing (2009)

[acceptance rate 12%]

My Role in this project –

Co-Author, Project Leader, Concept, Visual Design & Video


An original idea of Mug-Forest:

A shouting mug which can detect and engage into a drinking behavior persuasion game.


Mug-Forest: a Playful Bottle system, makes use of a mobile phone attached to an everyday drinking mug and motivates office workers to drink healthy quantities of water. A camera and accelerometer sensors in the phone are used to build a vision/motion-based water intake tracker to detect the amount and regularity of water consumed by the user. Additionally, the phone includes hydration games in which natural drinking actions are used as game input.


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Playful bottle: a mobile social persuasion system to motivate healthy water intake.

UbiComp ’09: Proceedings of the 11th international conference on Ubiquitous computing (2009) [acceptance rate 12%]

Meng-Chieh Chiu, Shih-Ping Chang, Yu-Chen Chang, Hao-Hua Chu, Cheryl Chia-Hui Chen, Fei-Hsiu Hsiao, JU-CHUN KO. (50 Citations)

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